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Sheetol Chawla


Curiosity to explore untold stories, traditions, and culture is her underlying force, recharging and giving a fresh, original direction to the design development process. This transforms the work into a form of art. Sheetol Chawla uses considered intuitive design and intricacy of artisanal craftsmanship to go beyond materials and create ethereal garments that give both the maker and the wearer a sense of self, joy, and exuberance. 

By envisioning fashion as art, the couturier is embracing creativity and pushing the boundaries of traditional craftmanship, silhouettes and textures who creates high-fashion garments, often made-to-order for individual clients. Brand’s red-carpet attire combines elegance with a touch of avant-garde, ensuring that celebrities and influencers stand out with grace and style at high-profile events. 

Growing up in India, Sheetol’s Ideology of a reverence for fine craftsmanship and experimentation with new materials form the basis of much of her work. From the early days of her career in art, interior designing, and later in fashion, she has been involved in pushing boundaries in creative projects based on the principles of artisanal crafted work. 

Sheetol’s garments condense the harmony between hand, material, and emerging new technologies. She intends to create one-off products of wearable art that blur the line between fashion and art by developing and defining her own parameters to work within. 

Harry Chawla

Director and Advisor

Harry Chawla is a Board of Director in Middle More Foundation and a former advisory Board member of Cornell institution of Technology. He completed his post-graduation from the University of Waikato, Hamilton, in 2002. After that, he pursued a career in the retail industry for 23 years, followed by Dale Carnegie skills, Leadership development program from Foodstuffs, and Governance program from Fonterra.

Currently, Harry operates a retailing outlet that leads 300 employees and serves around 40,000 customers every week. His extensive retail experience has provided him with skills in customer analysis, tactical planning, situational analysis, objective setting, implementation, and control. He is also an excellent mentor, empowering mentees in personal development and providing insights to help them identify and achieve their career goals.

As the entire world fell under quarantine orders due to the pandemic, Harry recognised the global response’s significant impact on any sort of retailing business. Given his experience facing random challenges in the retailing sector, he plans to bring together some of the best practices, innovative responses, and new strategies emerging across the retailing sector of the fashion industry post-Covid. Under his mentorship and supervision, the brand attire aims to achieve this goal.