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Design Philosophy

Brands attire is a practise-based exploration of its curiosity to explore the untold and unknown areas and tell the story through its arts wear. Each design condenses the harmony between curiosity, hand, material, and futuristic approach of emerging technologies. Luxurious fabrics which are oftentimes directly draped on a mannequin by marking the starting point of the creative work — carefully feeling and exploring the material’s possibility.

Light-weight attire with interesting silhouettes and surface details is constructed with experimental textiles and techniques, which translates the ebbs and flows of emotions and thoughts into a material understanding. Her ideology is based on the principle that technology and craft go together as a unique combination, to transcend building a new kind of creativity, and to keep traditional techniques alive while evolving and adapting.

Bespoke For You

Sheetol Chawla Couture Garments are made using your personal measurements. A team of skilled seamstresses will measure you during the initial design consultation.

After the initial consultation, fashion designer Sheetol Chawla & her team of designers will have a better understanding of your needs and will create a design with a sketch specially for you. Once this design is complete, a second appointment will be booked for you to proceed the design development further.