Eos- The Goddess of Dawn

Spiritual Shift 2024

The collection “Eos” is the result of the designer’s creative vision, inspired by the Greek Goddess of dawn, Eos. In Greek mythology, Eos, the goddess of dawn, primarily is known to bring forth the dawn, signalling the beginning of the day. Additionally, she is often depicted as ushering in her brother Helios (the Sun) as he rises and guiding her sister Selene (the moon) as she sets, symbolizing the transition from night to day. 

The “Eos” collection is likely a reflection of the designer’s talent, artistic expression, and personal style. The silhouettes embody a free-spirit style with pastel palette, while textiling with nylon braided fishing lane and the feather looking layers made of silk organza liberate the movements in each piece. Textiling and dying in the collection reflect the designer’s love for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and passion for creating unique texture and colours, with over tens of thousands of meters of cording and pin tucks symbolizing growth. . It’s a way for the designer to infuse her personal touch into the fabric, adding depth and character to the garments. The collection celebrates the harmony between growth, movement, and fashion, and is named after the Goddess of Dawn. 

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